Royal Oak via Heaton, Hollin & Gig Halls, Barleighford to Royal Oak

4.5 Miles – over tracks and fields

Leave the pub car park via the Sugar Street entrance and turn left up to the corner by the Church.

Take the footpath by the notice board with hedges on both sides down over the double bridge and turn right over the stile and up the hill through stiles and a gate until you get to the stile in the corner of the field by a house.

Don’t take  the track to Wormhill but turn right and go straight across at the cross roads and take the footpath / track up to Heaton Lodge Farm (you don’t have to go through the farm yard there is a marked path that takes you round it).

Go up the hill, through the stone gap and head for the stile over the wall at the end of the hedge. Turn left up the concrete road and then quickly right onto the footpath up the hill to the left of the hedge.

When you come to the track at Heaton village turn left and follow it down to Heaton Low with views to the left over the Cheshire Plain to Bosley Cloud, Jodrell Bank, Frodsham Edge with Fiddlers Ferry on the horizon.

As you go into the yard (Heaton Low 1650’s sitting comfortably with Manor Barn 2010) turn right through the double gates and over the stile in the wall then turn left towards the single trees in the middle of the field and Hollin Hall further on. There is a fantastic view as you walk across the of the Roaches and Shutlingsloe, head for the stile in the wire fence. Then down the hill to the stile, over the little wooden bridge and up the other side.

Follow the path round the pond towards Hollin Hall and then take the path marked to Danebridge, turn right over the fence by the end of the barn and across the field to the stile with the sliding top bar on the far side of the field.

Down through bracken to the steep steps (before the steps were cut into the bank it was almost impossible to get up or down). Don’t go across the metal bridge over the River Dane (but it is worth going onto the bridge to look at the weir) but turn left and walk down the path with the Feeder on your left.

The Feeder was built in 1809 to take water from the River Dane to Rudyard Lake to supply the Leek & Cauldon Canals, but is no longer used and has effectively stopped flowing.

Carry on down the path past Feeder Cottage noting the access paths to your left that cross the Feeder by beautifully built stone bridges.

When you get to the locked gate turn left onto the track up the hill until you get to the cross roads again. This time go straight across and when you get to the T-junction turn right down Sugar Street and back to the Royal Oak.