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This is the official web presence for ROCPL. ROCPL owns the building and premises of the pub as a community asset. The business that takes place within the pub premises and the proceeds of that business belongs to ROCPL’s Tenant, Sarah Heath, not ROCPL. The purpose of this website is to keep the Society’s members (its shareholders) appraised of developments, plans for the building and any future shareholder offers. The ‘’ website is for the pub and business that operates from the pub’s premises. If you want to see what the Royal Oak offers then please check out their website by clicking here.

This ROCPL web presence is a work in progress. It will be kept relatively modest in scope so that we can work out over time the features that will be of most value and use to the community and ROCPL’s members. Please check out this link to our documents from time to time – you can also navigate there from the drop-down menus above. This will take you to where you will find minutes of AGMs and other important documents as they are posted.

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ROCPL is a Community Benefit Society (BenComs). For more information on BenComs click here.

The Society’s business model allows it to offer an exceptional opportunity for the ‘Oak’ to be run as a Free House.

Unfettered by the usual high costs associated with taking a brewery group tenancy, this provides a tremendous environment in which to build and maintain a thriving business for the tenants and this in turn secures this important community asset for the village.

The Managing Committee

ROCPL managing committee is a team of individuals that have been elected from the Society’s membership. These individuals are all unpaid volunteers and they each have specific roles covering the tasks and activities necessary to ensure that the Society manages the premises as an Owner/Landlord correctly and that the Society is run in accordance with its governing constitution.

Shareholder Update From The Secretary
Resolution re Interest Payments

Votes for the resolution ‘The Society shall pay interest to shareholders for the year 2018/19 at 2% have been counted and the result is as follows:

80 Votes saying No to the resolution – they want the interest reinvesting in the pub.
6 Votes saying Yes – they want the interest to be paid

70 shareholders did not reply and were deemed to have abstained from the vote.

So, the motion was not carried and interest on shares will not be paid this year>

Liz Austin

Recent News

The building when we bought it on 30th March 2015 had suffered from under investment for years so we have spent time and money slowly fixing things. The windows at the front and side have all been replaced so has all the guttering and can now deal with storm water from the roof. No more waterfalls down the walls!

The septic tank has been serviced regularly with a few bits and pieces being replaced, the external lighting has been upgraded to LED and the new signs are in place.

We have just completed building work on the pub to create an improved kitchen space, a new corridor and a disabled access and toilet. The committee hopes that these facilities will help the tenants be even more successful in their ventures. COVID 19 has meant that these additions have not yet been fully appreciated but are pleased with the positive feedback received from those who have managed to get to the pub.

The “newspaper shed” has taken on a life of its own during lockdown for all sorts of innovative things including the very generous, constant supply of Linda’s handmade face masks, socially distanced pick- ups and drop- offs, a book and film swap area and an active notice board. In short, the shed is very full! The committee will add this to the list of things to potentially improve should funds allow.

Additionally, we also want to fix the mad situation with the central heating where the heating for the whole building (upstairs and downstairs) is either on or off – neither an economical or environmentally friendly solution.

In order to fund these improvements soon, we keep looking for and applying for grants when we can.  While we wait to do this, we all hope that you continue to enjoy the facilities the pub offers.


ROCP Ltd Committee