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Taking the Rush out of Rushton

Speed Watch Team launches local Road Safety Survey……..

 Rushton Speed Watch was formed early in 2017, monitoring vehicle speeds and other road safety issues on the main roads in, through and around Rushton.

Initial funding from Rushton Parish Council, Country Fair Community Fund, and The Community Initiative Fund helped the group of 13 volunteers-soon to be 16 – obtain the necessary equipment and undertake training with Staffordshire Police. Two further grants have been successfully won in recent months which will provide additional support to reinforce the Speed Watch message around the village of Rushton.

The grant from Staffordshire County Council’s local Community Fund, received with the support of Councillor Gill Heath will be used to install permanent speed watch signage as a constant reminder that Rushton takes speeding seriously.

The second, from the Staffordshire Road Safety Grant Fund of the county’s Safer Roads Partnership, will provide a mobile speed indicator unit with a range of sites across the village.

These will encourage drivers to adhere to the speed limits 24/7 when speed watch teams are not in action.

Launching the Road Safety Survey, Martin Chester, Chairman of Rushton Speed Watch explains: “Grant Funders expect to see that the agreed action is effective. This local survey  gives Rushton residents a fantastic opportunity to comment on road safety issues and will be followed up later in the year to measure progress. It will also help formalise the many suggestions received over the past months.”

Survey questionnaires are being delivered to all addresses in Rushton but for those that would prefer to make their opinion known via the web the links to the right provide options for the full or a short version of the survey:

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