Some lucky people in Rushton already have fast broadband. Others do not. 30 properties close by have just signed a contract to get fast broadband delivered within 12 months thanks to some hard work by John Pears, chair of governors at Rushton Primary School. This is being funded by a combination of grants and donations by the residents of the properties that will benefit. If your property is covered by this scheme you will have been notified and will have been asked for your payment.

There are still some areas of Rushton Parish that will not be covered even after the infill around the school is completed – particularly Cloudside and Woodhouse Green areas.

John and I have agreed to work with Openreach and Staffordshire Partnership to get quotations to cover the remainder of the Parish that is not currently in scope for superfast broadband and to work out if it is feasible to raise the money needed to fund provision.

We are starting this work on the 11th December and will try to cover off all houses with 01260 226xxx numbers, in the Rushton Parish, in Staffordshire Moorlands, that do not have the ability to have superfast broadband.  I want to make sure that we do not miss anyone who is interested.

If you live in the Rushton Parish and do not currently have access to superfast broadband but would like to, can you please email me,  with your name, address & phone number so that I can check you are included in the survey request. Your email address and mobile number would also be helpful so that I can contact you easily.

The survey will give us a price for providing the superfast service. It will then be up to us to decide whether we can fund the provision. Staffordshire Partnership will help, but there is likely to be a funding gap that individuals will need to share. We will of course look for grant funding too. In reality the more isolated the properties that are included in the quotation the higher the cost so please bear this in mind. Until we have the quotation we have no idea what the costs are likely to be.