On the Old Road,
on a week day between 1900-2100:

275 vehicles in total – including: 1 X UPS 7.5T, 3 x Tractors all with trailers
176 vehicles traveling towards Leek, 99 vehicles traveling towards Macclesfield
51 vehicles speed between 40-46 mph, mainly going up the hill towards Leek
22 vehicles with recorded speeds of between 47-57 mph all going towards Leek
26.55% of all vehicles observed were in excess of 40 mph
8% of the vehicles were in excess of 46 mph
3.6% of the vehicles were in excess of 50mph

There have been some exasperating moments for the volunteers, normally centered on the attitude of a select few, often the same, motorists. Some have stopped to question our actions, not out of interest but in order to express their opinion in a foul and derogatory manner. This says rather more about them and their poor social values than it does about the CSW group which is working, under the auspices of the Police, to try and educate those that pass through our village to be a little less cavalier in their use of the roads. Fortunately, we also get plenty of thumbs ups and cheery waves as well!

Notwithstanding those exasperating moments, there is a clear calming effect during the periods when volunteers are on station. Between the signage, the overt appearance of the volunteers, the varied timings of the speed watch events at both ends of our village plus the action the Police take with respect of those who are logged travelling outside of the permitted speed limits, an overall reduction in speed through the village has been noted and we hope that this effect will continue and grow.